configurar obs para twitch 2019

You, my dear streamer-to-be, are now linked between OBS and Twitch. If your webcam is capable of outputting at 4k or 1080p, ask yourself whether that resolution is necessary for your stream design. After you click Next, you’ll be brought to your Video Settings. “Either 60 or 30, but prefer 60 when possible” is my suggested option for those Twitch streamers who like showing off their skills in first-person shooter games like Doom, Fortnite and Call of Duty or sports games like Rocket League. I’d recommend googling: ‘game title + OBS Game Capture’ to see if anyone else has had issues. This window is where you, the streamer, will see what’s being broadcast from your screen out into the Great Twitch Beyond. After you click Next, OBS will run a short test to see what your computer and connection can handle. Why do I need a Preview of what I’m already looking at? Your Stream Key will be near the top. Finally, Display Capture is the laziest and least desirable method, it will show you alt-tabbing and can give that horrible inception look if you display OBS whilst streaming. We use Google Analytics to monitor our website traffic. It’s the Big Red Button that you must press with great care…. The most important step that too many people forget is to launch your game first. A little like diving into the deep end? Once selected, you should hopefully see the preview update with your webcam’s output. For now, having an understanding of these 3 examples is enough for you to get creating your own. The large space that takes up most of OBS Studio’s interface is the Preview. Next up is Stream Information. This is where you’ll choose whether you’re going to be streaming through known streaming services or through something more customized. Thinking of your favorite Twitch streamers, you may recall their Stream Starting Soon screen, or their Be Right Back screen for when they can no longer ignore the bathroom. A Stream Key is your ticket to the big game. You can go back into the game capture properties (by right-clicking the source and selecting properties) and see if enabling “Use anti-cheat compatibility hook” fixes it. But hey, if you kept up, you should be ready to stream on Twitch as you read these very words! Your stream preview should hopefully be starting to look a little more exciting. Although some streamers like to just dive straight into the action, others prefer to bring their audience together in anticipation with a Stream Starting Soon Scene. Thankfully, the team behind OBS realized the pain that could come with this sometimes-delicate configuration. Name it “Webcam” or whatever you’d like to call it and click OK. From the Device drop-down, find the name of your webcam or camera. Instead of having to tweak all these settings yourself, click Apply Settings and guess what? This way, if your, when your streaming presence grows and you do require multiple Profiles, you’ll never have any problems quickly deciding which is the Profile you should be using. OBS Starting Soon Scene Example RiotGames, OBS Starting Soon Scene Example TimTheTatman. No! Read about how we use cookies and how you can control them by clicking 'Privacy Preferences'. Para sincronizar el servicio pulsar en Ajustes. The purpose of an intermission scene is to have somewhere to swap to when you are in-between games. Staring at a full-screen game when all it’s showing is a lobby or a “searching for game…” message isn’t the most visually appealing or interesting scene to be broadcasting to your audience. Without diving too much into this, choose Streaming Services from the drop-down menu. After the test has completed, you’ll get an estimated configuration of ideal settings. Take a breath because I know we covered a lot. OBS allows for you to create multiple Profiles, each with their own customizable options. OBS Intermission Scene Example DrDisrespect. This guide is aimed at being the most complete, detailed and up-to-date tutorial in setting up OBS Studio for live streaming to Twitch. All big things start small, and your venture into Twitch streaming begins with a download of OBS, Open Broadcaster Software. Window Capture – Captures a specific window running. OBS and its interface are set up to be new-streamer friendly, you’ve just got to know what you’re looking at. Copy your Stream Key and paste it into the proper field in the Wizard. Hold tight. Game Capture – Captures a specific DirectX/OpenGL game running. Make sure that your game is displaying in full in OBS by right-clicking the game source, selecting Transform and then choosing Fit To Screen. This is great if you’re using Twitch for game streaming, podcasting, and maybe a creative stream every once in a while. Ahora podremos conectar nuestra cuenta de Twitch, la opción que recomienda Twitch, y nosotros también, es que lo hagáis desde el botón Conectar cuenta (recomendado). Very similar to Profiles, creating Scene Collections will allow you to save different Scenes and Sources to be quickly swapped with one another. Head back down to the sources window and add a Video Capture Device by either right-clicking or clicking the plus. Head down to the sources section of OBS and click to add either an Image Source (if your overlay is static) or a Media Source (if your overlay is animated). Feel free to join our discord and post in the video-suggestions channel about another aspect of OBS Studio that you’d like me to dive into! Para configurar OBS con Twitch tenemos que enlazar nuestra cuenta de Twitch con OBS Studio. If you need to crop your webcam at all so that it fits in the frame, you can hold down the ALT key on your keyboard, to crop any of the sides of your webcam. For this example, I’d recommend just downloading a free one. Most of the heavy lifting for your stream configuration has been taken off your shoulders by this nifty tool. OBS and its interface are set up to be new-streamer friendly, you’ve just got to know what you’re looking at. OBS works like most photo/video editing programs where you can arrange sources above one another to affect what is shown or hidden. In this guide, we will walk through everything you need to know about setting up OBS Studio to get a smooth, stable and stylish live stream to Twitch! How to Stream to Twitch in 2019 - OBS Ultimate Guide. As you grow your stream, you’ll definitely want to add some more unique scenes to your production. Once that’s done, move across to the Sources section and again either right-click and select Add or click the little plus icon. You’ll find it in the Tools tab of the top toolbar. when they can no longer ignore the bathroom. Head to Twitch, go to your Dashboard, then click on Channel in the Settings. Or jump into the Gaming Careers Discord and ask in there, it’s fairly likely that someone else in the community has successfully captured the same game before. Next, let’s look at getting our webcam added above our game source. Make sure you unzip the overlay files if they are compressed and locate the image/video file of the overlay you want to add. Once downloaded and installed, launch OBS and look upon the software that most Twitch streamers use to broadcast themselves to the world. Way less boring. Especially if the game you’re going to stream to Twitch is being played at a different resolution than your monitor. OBS allows you to drag and drop to reposition as well as resize from within the main preview. When you hit Start Streaming, it’s with this unique code that Twitch knows what account you’re streaming to.

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