moto suzuki gn 125 precio

Porque el ritmo en la ciudad va muy rápido y tu estilo de vida urbano también. Tipo de motor - 4 tiempos enfriado por aire OHC, Sistema de combustible - Carburador MIKUNI BS26SS, single, Transmisión final - Cadena RK428FDZ, 116 eslabones, Suspensión delantera - Telescópica hidráulica con resorte, Suspensión trasera - Basculante con doble amortiguador, ajustable de 5 posiciones, Llanta delantera - 2.75 - 18 42P, IRC NF2, Tipo encendido - Electrónico transistorizado, Tanque de gasolina incluida reserva - 10.3 Lts. i have owned two of them and will have this bike for my children to own has a great engine and i have got it to a top speed of 110mph so a quick bike o-60 in under ten seconds so a very quick bike starts no matter how cold it is 10/10 form me, i have had my suzuki gn125 forabout 12 years now on a model 1999 it is very easy to maintane and look after it has never let me down i rain snow or any weather thya are a very good all round bike for learning on i have done up to 120 miles and not change over to the reverse i have never used sins i have had the bike i would not sell itfor nay money. Brakes are barely acceptable, the rear being pretty much useless except in traffic. Can drop out for the first mile or so until engine is warm. overall the bikes a very useful tool for new riders. Estos datos son obtenidos bajo pruebas de laboratorio, por lo que no son oficiales y sirven sólo como referencia. One thing I never noticed before getting my 600, is how bicycle light it is. The Suzuki GN125 engine’s taken from the earlier GS125 machine which came out in 1984, so it’s safe to say it’s proved itself. The Suzuki GN125 engine’s taken from the earlier GS125 machine which came out in 1984, so it’s safe to say it’s proved itself. Shifter has a long throw, downshifts are stiff and false neutrals happen too often. Brakes are not great so its lack of top speed is actually somewhat welcome. Sus rines de aluminio permiten el uso de llantas sin cámara, lo que te proporciona mayor maniobrabilidad en el manejo y más estabilidad en la moto. Con GN125 le das la vuelta al tráfico y no hay calle que te detenga. The Suzuki GN125 is a tough little bike with a trusted engine and chassis. La ciudad no espera. Servicing can be done by a ham fisted ape. Or the same price as using my local bus service to work for 4 days. Fuel economy, 100mpg all day long. A good, no-frills budget learner/commuter motorcycle. Aftermarket replacement was peanuts and a doddle to fit. Not exactly one for setting your pants on fire but a bit of a laugh and so cheap it's absurd. Incredibly easy to ride, with a reliable engine and minimal maintenance, the Suzuki GN125 is forgiving and a great confidence-builder. Fuel efficient, reliable and easy to service. Starter motor was broken when I aquired bike. 13 owners have reviewed their SUZUKI GN125 (1994 - 2001) and rated it in a number of areas. But all the lights work, so does the horn and the engine still plods on. H Bauer Publishing are authorised and regulated for credit broking by the FCA (Ref No. ¡En serio! After 8 hours of work it starts most of the time, but after night it doesn't. The Suzuki GN125 can get vibey at higher revs, however. #StaySuzuki #StaySafe. Compared to the CG125 and YBR125 it is a bit slower. Going up hills was a big problem, we have quite a few in Lincolnshire & my favourite riding place is the wolds. A good No Frills bike. Buying experience: Used it for lessons and for my test, got me through on the first try. Blocked fuel stream from carb to engine (?) Incrementa la seguridad al rodar con una gran maniobrabilidad. Basic but efficient with a small toolkit, but lacks a fuel gauge. 845898), Suzuki GN125 motorcycle rview - Side view, Suzuki GN125 motorcycle rview - Front view, Suzuki GN125 motorcycle rview - Instruments, Suzuki GN125 motorcycle rview - Rear view. Centre stand makes oil changes easy. Well that's just the clocks and they're broken. The finish isn’t marvellous: rust around welds and shoddy paintwork are common complaints. GN125F es perfecta para iniciarte en el mundo de las motos. Carburettor Mikuni: Otherwise reliable and easy to fix thanks to its simplicity. Cheap, economical, nice looking, crashes well (whoops) and will sell on easily when you've moved on to bigger and better things. The problem started recently, but as I said it sometimes starts, sometimes not. Gearbox on the other hand is poor. Now few possible reasons (in my opinion): Transmisión: 5 velocidades Tipo de motor - 4 tiempos enfriado por aire OHC Número de cilindros - 1 cilindro I found starting it then riding it down the road and just having to hold the throttle open when in neutral or stopped etc til it's warm is better than just sitting there revving it til it's warm to set off. I have cleaned the carb, but to be honest there was no rubbish in it. SUZUKI and procedures for its inspec-tion/service and overhaul of its main components. Wrong valve settings (gaps) Experimenta el estilo de vida Suzuki. Neutral can be a bugger. Using the bypass was a bit dangerous as well because the traffice moves so quickly and cars tend to cut you up if they can, I used to stay firmly in the middle of the lane to combat the bully car tactics, you do need nerves of steel for this, but then when a good car driver came along I didn’t mind moving over to let them pass. Read the GENERAL INFORMATION section to familia-rize yourself with the motorcycle and its maintenance. Very comfortable seat and riding position. Also, being my first bike I had a close connection to it! Any ideas??? Company Number: LP003328 Registered Office: Academic House, 24-28 Oval Road, London, NW1 7DT. really enjoyable bike suitable for the average daily commute, 100 kph and over it gets a bit 'vibratey', and riding in the wet is a terror, as the bike is so light. A favourite among riding schools. Descubrí la mejor forma de comprar online. The engine is quick enough around town, but anything over 45 is painfully slow progress, the engine vibes make you think you're ragging it more than you are. I loved the bike from the first minute I saw it. Good low end pull and midrange, but lacks top end and vibrates a lot over 7000 RPM. There was some white stuff in the rubber hose which is going from air filter to carb, like soapy stuff.

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