the blunder years

Adam Ellis is a 29-year-old artist and blogger and works as an illustrator at BuzzFeed. But we haven’t broadly done it that well for a while. Let’s get to it. Marge makes Homer some Yaqui tea to unlock his suppressed memory. Ironically the day before I taped this, I think I had drank during lunch … and since I taped this, I’ve been pretty consistent about getting to the gym either early morning or mid-day. Here’s not so breaking news: you need to communicate effectively. don @ minifie-1. They find Chief Wiggum there and when Marge throws the Burly paper towels in, it absorbs the water where they find the corpse is now a skeleton. We actually taped this back on May 6th or 7th, well before the George Floyd protests, but I think a lot of the discussion resonates right now. Friendships change. Episode 7: Aging parents + "People are nuts" + 20-40-60 Rule. We taped this maybe two weeks ago, so before all the political stuff happening in Portland right now, hence that’s not covered. Some of the better comments are subsequently summarized on Huffington Post. Let’s hit it. I instantly thought to myself, “Well, I’ll never get this job.” It was maybe noon. I am not very athletic as a person, but I was playing club soccer at the time to try and make adult friends, and randomly -- we didn’t plan this -- someone from my club soccer team was there. This is a conversation with my friend Ben from high school. I went off to Georgetown. We talk a lot about the “five people you spend time with” theory as well, and also discuss legacy, mindset, mental toughness, and your 20s vs. your 30s. View production, box office, & company info. There was actually 8 minutes and 44 seconds at the beginning where we were discussing penis necklaces, but I took that out because … well, vague notions of professionalism. Episode 59: Definitions of diversity | Moving to Colorado | "The Note Police". Episodes with a alternative Gracie Films logo, Your 40s? I actually taped this introduction in a WeWork -- don’t worry, I was social distancing at the time, which is to say no one was in the WeWork really -- so if you hear some background noise, my apologies. We finally did get to connect and it’s a really almost beautiful conversation about where education is headed, where religious involvement is headed, how to forgive, whether we’re all inherently selfish and apathetic, and a couple of guiding principles for your 30s. My ex and I end up getting another drink and we start talking to this kid at the edge of the bar. But if you want to hear two close friends shoot the shit on a variety of issues in under 30 minutes, you’re in the right place. Right before Christmas 2019, when I was kinda struggling big-time with income and employment context, I had this interview to be an apartment complex manager about 2-3 miles from my house. My second episode of this podcast was with Mollie, another JBS member, and this one is with Brenda Hill, who is Kansas City-based by way of Chicago and some other places. We also talk about some research on how virtually every human being under the sun has lied in their life, but how you lie is typically a function of social class and access to resources. The guest is Dr. Gordon Pedersen. I quit drinking for Lent 2020 and my girlfriend, Katie, quit sweets/desserts. There’s also a story about low ponytails and excessive Miller Lite consumption in here. Within a few months, I realized he lived in NYC -- where I’m from! It was a pretty jarring contradiction and when I got back, I wrote a post about how dumb “the five year plan” feels. All this stuff happens to us day in and day out and it changes our connection back to the work we do every day. That’s the story with D’Nelle here, the guest on this episode. At this point, I am not even sure the first time I met this guest, Mr. Eamonn. As a final quick note, I’ve got a few more episodes taped to publish, but it’s drying up a little bit, so if you think you might be interested in coming on for 25-30 minutes to talk about life, love, and the pursuit of adulthood, shoot me a message. She had a crappy 2016, relative to my generally crappy 2017, so we talk about some of that, sobriety, work challenges, pushing through hardship, and more. This interview even begins with sports discussion -- Coach K, whether he's dirty, recruiting in basketball, and the 1992 Kentucky vs. Duke game. Hope you enjoy it. That’s what this episode is. Whilst Smithers is pleased to learn that his father died heroically Homer takes the skull home as a souvenir. So that’s a little bit more of a “work” episode, and this is a little bit more of a “personal” episode, because we’ve both been divorced somewhere among the 17 summers since we first met. I remember falling in the mud, but I don't think that's why I've been screaming.” Homer Simpson "The Blunder Years" is the fifth episode of Season 13 (originally going to be an episode of season twelve, but was pushed to season thirteen due to the events of 9/11). Less than a half-decade later, I had soured completely on the idea. We actually talk a little bit about that in the beginning -- we clearly came from an “elite” academic institution, but we still have mutual friends from back when who share the dumbest stuff possible on Facebook.

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