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Jax with a big clothesline now. Edge goes for the Anti-Venom submission. Royce brings Banks kin. But this might be the worst thing the WWE has done this year. A nice series of escapes and reversals followed with McIntyre turning a spear attempt into a kimura lock. Orton counters by choking Edge using his legs. The commentary team tells us that The Viking Raiders vs Street Profits match will not take place because of what happened in the segment. #WWEBacklash pic.twitter.com/ZBdykhq51E. Edge hit a pedigree as a callback to his Evolution mentor Triple H for another near fall. Drew poses in the corner with his title. Asuka hits a missile dropkick and a hip attack to get another two-count now. !#WWEBacklash @RandyOrton @TripleH pic.twitter.com/zAtSODK8np. WWE Backlash boasted what would be "The Greatest Match Ever" between Randy Orton and Edge. Lana is responsible for some of Lashley’s success and wants to be at ringside with him. Dawkins runs and tackles him through a glass door. Rosenberg believes Orton will defeat Edge. Orton also slides out for a breather. Orton gets free and ends up hitting an Olympic Slam for another close 2 count. But even that’s not enough as Ivar is too shocked to attack. Orton grabs Edge in the middle of the ring and smiles as he delivers a Pedigree. Orton nails the superplex and Edge is dazed. Sheamus brings it back into the ring for the pin to win. Edge pulls Orton down to the floor as the NXT crowd gets behind him. Another stand off in the middle of the ring. A series of reversals saw Edge finally hit an RKO on Edge but the Rated R Superstar kicked out. They run the ropes some more and Edge arm drags Orton and keeps him grounded. Unfortunately, they rammed the concept down our throat to create an unachievable high. Miz takes the mic and needs a little pump up before becoming champion. They slowly get back up and Orton is first but Edge strikes. Drew is still wearing his ring jacket as Lashley beats him around. 1, ‘Harry Potter’ Star Rupert Grint Beats David Attenborough To Break Instagram Record, Why Bullet Journaling May be the Best Tool for Your Mindfulness and Organization, Is Almond Milk Good for You? Lashley could not believe it. Jax scoops Asuka and slams her in the middle of the ring. Edge comes out to a huge response from the crowd. Press Esc to cancel. Angelina Jolie Loses Legal Bid To Disqualify Judge In Brad Pitt Divorce Case, Meghan Trainor On Why She Isn't Having Sex With Her Husband While Pregnant, Gifts Under $35 for Your Neighbor, Your Mailman, and the Urban Homesteader in Your Life, 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 Spied With Production Body And Lights, Opinion: It is time to exonerate Louis Riel, Wedding with over 300 guests linked to COVID-19 outbreak, Global debt to hit record $277 trillion by year end on pandemic spending splurge: IIF, The workouts that burn the most calories, ranked, Georgia lands commitment from 5-star recruit Smael Mondon, ‘Conan’ To End On TBS, Conan O’Brien Extends Deal With WarnerMedia For Weekly Variety Show On HBO Max, Indie Booksellers Pick The 10 Best Books of 2020, Jeff Bridges Has Been Diagnosed With Lymphoma—Here Are the Symptoms to Know, 14 Gifts Chef Marcus Samuelsson Is Giving Everyone on His List, Watch the Trailer for The Grand Tour's Wacky Madagascar Special, Annual rate of inflation rose to 0.7 per cent in October, Statistics Canada says, Pfizer: COVID-19 shot 95% effective, seeking clearance soon, Sony’s Pulse 3D PS5 Headset Is Awesome, And You Definitely Shouldn’t Buy It, Wilson 'going to keep swinging' amid turnover struggles, Masi Oka Joins Brad Pitt in Sony’s Action Pic ‘Bullet Train’, These Canadian gyms are offering online workouts, These 'Mind Hacks' Helped This Guy Lose 125 Pounds This Year, 11 Gifts for People Who Want to Support Restaurants (Who Doesn't? The match has crossed 40 minutes mark at this point. Randy picks him up and whips to the ropes. "Slap him in the chest! Cross and Bliss get the upperhand and in comes Cross off a tag. Hardy stomps away in the corner while Sheamus is down now. They are surprised but act like this is OK. Otis and Mandy Rose appear and Otis teases cashing in if they win. Braun fights him off but they double dropkick him. They hype up tonight’s big event. Lana is seen watching the match from backstage.

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